The Industrial Internet of Things masterpiece

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The Industrial Internet of Things masterpiece

NovaCom is a multi-interface, multi-application and multi-role Industrial Internet of Things module. It was designed to build a strong, secure and large wireless mesh networks. This mesh technology is based on open standards with enhancements aimed at delivering the maximum bandwidth available. It also provides self-healing and optimizes the end-to-end latency. Thanks to its multi-interface capabilities, the object hosting the NovaCom module can take advantage of various kinds of communication interfaces such as GSM/GPRS, Ethernet or Bluetooth. The NovaCom module can be easily configured using a programming interface (API) provided by Novaccess managing diverse access interfaces, ranging from serial link to other available communication interfaces.

Multiple network interfaces management

NovaCom is able to control Internet interfaces like Ethernet or GSM/GPRS. Furthermore, it includes a radio interface reaching long-range targets up to 2km (in free-range) with a bandwidth of 40kbps. This interface can be used to setup a low speed mesh-network between multiple modules.

Internet open standards integration

By integrating IPv4/IPv6 open standards into the technology, NovaCom provides a straightforward compliance between heterogeneous systems and the Internet.

Smart mesh network

NovaCom is able to find the best way to reach a destination by selecting among the available network interfaces the one which best fulfills your business constraints (latency of the transmission, power consumption or financial cost of the transmission).

Seamless integration with a centralized server

By integrating client/server application protocols (HTTP, WebSocket, MQTT and CoAP), the NovaCom module handles communications with a centralized server seamlessly: when a connected object sends data to the NovaCom, it will automatically synchronize that information with the remote server.

Multi applications and shared network capablilities

Today, most of the Internet of Things deployments are specific to a given application and often, the installed networks are under-used and expensive to setup and maintain. NovaCom comes with shared network capabilities allowing the network to be shared among multiple applications.

Security by design

Recognized security experts have secured NovaCom during the conception phases. It features symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic algorithms that provide a high level of security while impacting as little has possible communication performance.

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