The Industrial Internet of Things gateway

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The Industrial Internet of Things gateway

NovaGate is a device that bridges the standard Internet network to NovaCom wireless mesh networks. It was designed to provide high performance and strict security while being power efficient and flexible enough to cover a wide range of uses. NovaGate is powered by the NovaCom module, which integrates a sophisticated wireless mesh technology to support Industrial Internet of Things networks. It combines Internet and Web standard protocols and can interface with any kind of compliant remote server. NovaGate will automatically select the best available connection, like 10/100Mbps Ethernet or GSM/GPRS to reach the server. Its optional Bluetooth interface will be used to transmit data and facilitate local commissioning. It provides strong security in both network communications and in applications through dynamic encryption at all layers.

IPV4/IPV6 Gateway

Empowered by the NovaCom module, the NovaGate gateway can interface the IPv6 wireless mesh network of connected objects to the IPv6 or IPv4 public or private networks.

Multiple communication interfaces

The NovaGate gateway includes an 10/100Mbps Ethernet interface, a GSM/GPRS interface and a Bluetooth Low Energy interface operating side by side with the low-power and middle-range wireless mesh network interface.

Network manager

The NovaGate gateway is also responsible for the wireless mesh network management. It provides optimized firmware over-the-air upgrade for the connected object based on the NovaCom module.

Standard Inputs/ouputs

The NovaGate gateway also includes 4 standard isolated inputs for 12/24V signals and 1+3 standard outputs. There is one 230V/4A relay output and there are three 12/24V digital relay outputs.

Third-party device control

The NovaGate is equipped with two RS-232 ports enabling the control of third-party devices, such as an energy meter or a fire panel. It can handle various types of third-party devices if necessary.

Two Power-Supplies

Two different sources can power the NovaGate gateway : a standard 110/230V power supply and a 24VDC power supply. Both can operate in parallel, keeping the 24VDC power supply as back-up.

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