The Industrial Internet of Things management server

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The Industrial Internet of Things management server

The NovaServer is a generic platform that manages a group of connected objects. It manages lifecycle, stores data, includes analysis tools, and runs a powerful events and rules engine. It was designed to operate in tandem with our electronic modules seamlessly in order to accelerate the development of new business applications on top of connected objects. We can easily create a range of business applications based on the NovaServer in order to fulfill our customers’ specific needs. The NovaServer comes with web services for third party systems interoperability. It is available both online in the Novaccess Cloud, and in your own infrastructure.

Network management

The NovaServer enables you to manage the lifecycle of your connected objects. It offers you tools to configure your network and analyze its use, performance and working conditions over time.


During the commissioning phase, objects can be localized using our mobile application. Your whole network is then visible on a map. The NovaServer supports the WMS protocol enabling you to work with your own mapping server. We also provide tools to generate and use indoor image maps.


Retrieved data from sensors is straightforward thanks to the seamless integration between the NovaServer and our communication components. The NovaServer takes care of data storage and data aggregation in order to offer powerful tools to analyze data.

Remote control of objects

Controlling a connected object is at one mouse click thanks to the NovaServer. Commands can be scheduled or automatically triggered in reaction to alarms or specific measurements.


The NovaServer will generate notifications (in apps, emails, SMS, phone calls) if critical measurements are detected on a connected object. Thanks to our integrated events engine, complex rules can also be defined in order to generate notifications or to control connected objects.


Communication components and third party firmware can be reprogrammed over the air using the NovaServer. The NovaServer offers tools to send and validate the transmission of a new firmware version in an Industrial Internet of Things network.

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