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Novaccess develops a generic industrial Internet of Things multiservice platform for an end-to-end management of connected objects. Novaccess technology relies on existing Internet protocol (IPv4/ IPv6) in order to offer customers long-lasting and interoperable technology.

We provide a scalable, reliable and secure solution. Security was designed at the conception phase by recognized security experts. By mastering each hardware and software platform layer (sensing, networking, software infrastructure and user interfaces), we are able to offer a highly optimized and secure system.

As deploying an IoT infrastructure remains a costly process, Novaccess offers a multiservice platform aimed at accelerating the return on investment by reusing the infrastructure for other applications.

Novaccess Technology Schema

Quick application development

Standard technologies and open interface (API)

Coherent end-to-end security

Seamless hardware and software integration

Highly scalable and cloud ready

Multi application and shared network capabilities


The Industrial Internet of Things management server

The NovaServer is a generic platform that manages a group of connected objects. It manages lifecycle, stores data, includes analysis tools, and runs a powerful events and rules engine. The NovaServer is available both online in the Novaccess Cloud, and in your own infrastructure.

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The Industrial Internet of Things gateway

The NovaGate is a multi-interface gateway that bridges standard Internet networks to Industrial Internet of Things networks. It supports multiple network interfaces and general inputs/outputs to control industrial equipment. The NovaGate takes advantage of the versatility of the NovaCom technology.

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The Industrial Internet of Things masterpiece

The NovaCom technology is a multi-role, multi-interface and multi-application generic Industrial Internet of Things communication module. It manages your object connectivity leaving you time to focus on business development.

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