NovaLight Gateway

The gateway for the management of your street lights

NovaLight Gateway

NovaLight gateway is an equipment for the connection of controllers to a remote control system. It is typically placed in electrical stations and can be installed and configured in order to allow turning on/off a street lights segment.

NovaLight Gateway

Mesh wireless
network controller

GSM/GPRS Interface

Ethernet interface

Digital relays

A smart wireless mesh network

The Novaccess communication technology is based on Industrial Internet of Things open protocols and standards. Equipped with last information technology routing innovations, the objects’ network based on the NovaCom communication module is very robust and highly scalable. Created for high density mesh network, NovaCom will allow street lighting to be the backbone of a smart-city network.


Scalable and robust network

Supports high density and is highly scalable

Dynamic routes

The mesh network finds routes dynamically and avoids stressed zones

Encrypted data

Encrypted data with AES-256 security key

Integrity check

Data authenticity and integrity is guaranteed


Remote objects update (software) from the network in order to ensure the evolutivity and security of the solution

Fail-safe mechanisms

Even if central server is compromised the system must work