Street lighting management system


Operational efficiency

Lighting quality and comfort



Smart city

Energy : NovaLight enables street lighting remote control in an accurate and adaptive way in order to light up where and when it is necessary with the right luminous power. Significant city’s energy savings is therefore achievable.

Operational efficiency : Street lights remote control and monitoring features allow lighting engineers to be far more efficient in their day to day operations. With remote control, it is possible to reconfigure devices i.e. in case of a road classification update or in case of unusual events in specific places where it is necessary to change light intensities.

Lighting quality and comfort : More accurate and adaptive settings offer a more qualitative lighting and a better experience to drivers and pedestrians.

Security : NovaLight allows street lights intensity dimming while maintaining a suitable lighting quality for a good level of security. With remote control, it is possible to reconfigure devices at any time.

Environment : NovaLight is a very concrete tool to respond to one's sustainability policy. Energy savings are obvious and considerable and the lighting pollution can be minimized.

Smart city : NovaLight solution has been developed on top of a technology, which is able to support several “Smart City” applications in parallel. The communication network formed by the street lights can be reused for other purposes (for example for traffic monitoring or remote control of screens in the city, etc).

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