NovaLight enables optimization of your street lighting network and operations and therefore generates substantial savings.


Operational costs


Energy : NovaLight adapts the lighting level to the city traffic, either in a static manner with hourly based dimming profiles, or in a dynamic manner with vehicles and pedestrians detection. Depending on applied profiles, it is thus possible, thanks to these functionalities, to decrease from 40 to 60% your energy consumption.

Operational costs : Thanks to remote control, it is possible to detect and to centralize lamps failures, which in turn massively decrease the needs for visual inspections in the field. Thanks to remote control, it is also possible to minimize lighting engineers’ displacements, for exemple to turn on/off a segment in case of maintenance. In average, NovaLight enables saving up to 40% operational costs.

CO2 : NovaLight is the solution for a sustainable street lighting. It enables illuminations at the necessary intensity levels and therefore minimizes light pollution and energy consumption for an environmental footprint decrease up to 60%.

Compute your savings

This calculator allows you to quantify energy savings that you will be able to realize by replacing your lamps and/or by dimming your lighting.




/ kWh


Lamps that you want to replace

Lamps that you will use

Dimming with remote control

Computation of savings


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