Road traffic management system

Objective vision
of traffic

Dangerous places

Evaluation of actions

Smart city


Excessive speed

Deviant behaviors

Objective vision of traffic : NovaTraffic allows precise diagnostic of road traffic flows on several road segments. This is an amazing tool to support decision regarding road plannings. This information can be used as well to measure the impact on traffic of roadworks or road segments closures or to confirm or disconfirm citzen complaints.

Dangerous places identification : The solution allows identifying dangerous places, where it is necessary to take actions to foster speed reduction of motor vehicles (chicanes, bumps, signage, warning speed signs, traffic lights, etc.).

Evaluation of actions efficiency : The NovaTraffic solution allows measuring road users behaviors (speed) and it is thus possible to check the effectiveness of introduced moderating actions (introduction of zones with speed reduction, warning speed reduction, etc.).

Smart city : NovaTraffic solution has been developed based on a technology able to integrate and control several smart city applications in parallel. Data retrieved by NovaTraffic can thus be reused for other usage (for example for adapting street lighting).

Operational efficiency : With NovaTraffic, you will be equipped with continuously powered and connected warning speed signs and it is not necessary anymore to go in the field to replace the batteries or to retrieve data. The security forces can then concentrate on their usual tasks, where they are most efficient and useful.

Excessive speed prevention : NovaTraffic allows reducing noticeably dangerous behaviors thanks to a real time monitoring solution, which asks drivers to reduce their speed in a non coercive way.

Deviant behaviors detection : Offered tools allow monitoring dangerous road segments, long straight roads, meeting zones, 30 km/h zones (near the schools, hospitals, residential areas, etc.). Based on those measurements, excessive speeds statistics are provided allowing anticipating and setting up repressive actions.

Traffic and behavior

Traffic and behavior diagnostic

  • Offer a detailed view of traffic on a road segment as well as a structured analysis of drivers behavior.
  • Perfect tool for understanding traffic flows in a city and for anticipating dangers and taking ad hoc actions in terms of traffic moderation.
  • Based on temporary deployment of non invasive counting radars.
  • Traffic and drivers behavior analysis in phase with the law (LCR 741.031 and 741.01 for Switzerland).
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Accidents prevention

  • Offer a non-coercive traffic moderation based on connected warning speed signs.
  • Vehicle flows and sign impact on users speed real time statistics.
  • Increase security forces operational efficiency thanks to remote configuration feature as well as a batteries recharging on street lights poles system.
  • Large icons library and possibility to display messages in response to changing roads conditions.
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Traffic monitoring

  • Precise information about average travel times of main roads.
  • Provide real time view of congestion levels of city main roads.
  • Possibility to generate SMS or email alerts.
  • Innovative solution based on drivers smartphones geolocation data.
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