Novaccess provides the IoT device manufacturers or the service integrators with a seamless connectivity solution, whatever the cities' prescriptions in terms of city management network system.

Novaccess solution

Novaccess has developed a specific know-how and an entire IoT solution that simplifies and accelerates the development of connected devices for the smart city market. Novaccess securely takes the data from the original manufacturer device, carries it in a standardized format over a variety of wireless networks, and delivers it to the customer's application.

Network Interface

Novaccess' NICs are easily integrated into any smart city or smartbuilding device allowing the device manufacturer to serve any project in the world without having to worry about wireless communication between devices or from devices to the cloud.

Unified Network

Our Unified Network Server, which can be installed in any cloud or on premises, will provide the standardized interfaces to third parties’ central management systems.

High level encryption algorithms

Novaccess' high level encryption algorithms will be constantly updated and upgraded to match with highest security standards.

Novaccess solution
Time to market reduced by 10
Latest available open standards
Proven and tested security
Standard mesh technology



Mesh network

Synchronization and
data processing

Logs and alerts


API/Smart city

Over the air
firmware update